1. mneylon

    Annual Irish Awards that Feature Blogs

    There are several awards every year that are either focussed on blogs or where bloggers (both business and personal) can enter: Home - Blog Awards Ireland If you know of any others please let us know
  2. mneylon

    Uk Blog Awards Finalists Announced

    The finalists for the UK blog awards have been announced. Personal: Individual Finalists Business / corporate: Company Finalists
  3. mneylon

    Sme Awards 2017 Nominations Open

    Nominations Open for Blacknight SME Awards 2017 - Blacknight (news)
  4. Dermot Barry

    Like Your Brain? Like To See A Blog About It?

    Hi all. I'm a bit fascinated by the human mind and how to get the most out of it. So I put up some of the most interesting latest scientific studies at my blog : Brain Sponge Blog If you'd like to know what social media does to your life-span, or what emojis reveal about you then please feel...
  5. mneylon

    Uk Blog Awards

    Nominations are currently open for the 2017 UK Blog Awards Full details on their site: UK Blog Awards It's open to bloggers in Northern Ireland both personal and business: ENTRY DETAILS & TERMS The key dates are: Entries and Nominations: 3rd October - 15th November 2016 Public Vote: 5th...