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Share Your Snapchat Handle

Discussion in 'Share Your Social Media' started by mneylon, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. mneylon

    mneylon Administrator Staff Member

    Are you using Snapchat?
    Please share your SnapChat handle below.
  2. unaminhkavanagh

    unaminhkavanagh Moderator Staff Member

    I really wish that SnapChat had a directory - it's definitely its biggest flaw (I use GhostCodes app on my phone to try and discover new people). ANYWAY, my snapchat handle is: beforemymamdies and I share updates about my travelling life. My Mom makes some appearances depending on when we're together and when she's away she appears in the form of a bitmoji ;)
  3. Erica Gaffney

    Erica Gaffney New Member

    My snapchat is ericagaff
  4. Gavin Lawlor

    Gavin Lawlor New Member

  5. lifeofab2b

    lifeofab2b New Member

    My snap chat is lifeofab2b

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