Types of women blouses


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Finding the right blouse to wear on a given day is usually an overwhelming task. It is all about making the right decision at the right time. To help you out we have outlined the most popular types of blouses that you can choose from.

  1. Off the shoulder blouse.
This type of blouse is perfect for the ladies with good-looking shoulders and good toned collar bones. This is among the cheap summer clothes that ladies with a good skin tone must have since not everyone is keen on skin show.
  1. Lace blouse.
Anyone can go for this trend, but in case it is hanging loose try to keep it off as lace blouse looks delicate and embraces your curves. This type of blouse goes on well with any fabric, light or heavy. This type of blouse is suitable for different occasions such as dinner date and many others.

  1. Long blouses.
Long blouses are liked by a lot of people as this doesn’t expose your body but still makes you look amazing. It is ideal for people who want to be free from worrying about flat tummy and cleavage factors. Everyone with any type of body shape can try it as it is free flowing. It can be used as a formal wear as well.

  1. Sheer blouse.
Sheer blouses are somehow transparent and somehow shows what is underneath. This blouse is ideal for ladies who feel comfortable in exposing their body or curves. This blouse looks perfect for people with a perfect body since a plump body can be a real spoiler.

  1. Backless blouse.
This types of women blouses expose the back part of the body. It may fit everyone with a nice body and a moisturized clean back. Ladies with tattoo also at the back may love this type of blouse since this brings out a seductive view from the back. This look requires nothing more than just a daring attitude.
The types of blouses highlighted above are beautiful and stylish designs for women all available at Prestarrs. We have unique and exclusive blouses that can level up your confidence. With so many styles and patterns, you are able to choose types that perfectly suits your body.