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The Kilkenny Journal, www.KilkennyJournal.ie , is an online newspaper for local , national and international news, opinion and comment. It is edited by a retired journalist, Michael McGrath, who actually worked on the former Kilkenny Journal newspaper that ceased circulation in December 1965. That newspaper celebrates its 25oth anniversary in 2017, having been founded as Finn's Leinster Journal in 1767. It was the second oldest provincial newspaper in Ireland after the Dungannon Observer, and the oldest in the Republic.

The Kilkenny Journal stands up for traditional values as against the new liberal elitism. It forecast the great victory of Donald Trump as president of the USA , having endorsed him as the candidate for Irish Americans to vote for. In this context The Kilkenny Journal has a great overseas readership amongst the Irish diaspora.
The Kilkenny Journal also publishes a Facebook page and Facebook group, as well as another Facebook page titled The Irish Press. It also has The Irish Press Facebook page amongst other FB pages and groups.

This online newspaper has been publishing since August 2013. It has been described, even denounced, as "right-wing" and in this context has fought online battles with Sinn Fein which it sees as a new Trotskyist party. Indeed the editor Michael McGrath has Sinn Fein in the High Court in an action for defamation as a result of a full-page article in An Phoblacht May 2016 edition describing him as a former nazi "masquerading as a journalist".

Editor McGrath denies that he was ever a nazi, stating that the nazis were the embodiment of Evil in the world and that Sinn Fein can hardly afford to throw stones when it comes to their own crimes against humanity.

Editor McGrath has also fallen foul of the local Kilkenny liberal elite including the local Green party councilor and a local Amnesty International supremo over their pro-abortion policy. Thus the Kilkenny Journal is a battleground between McGrath and the extreme left in Irish society. At one stage hundreds of Shinners nationwide wrote comments into the Kilkenny Journal for two days in a pitched online battle with McGrath who replied to all their attacks single-handed.

But the online newspaper is much more than that and waxes lyrical over medieval Kilkenny and the city's history going back to Druidic times. There are great articles too on local politics with good-natured satire against local politicians such as Fianna Fail's "G.I. Joe".

Left-wing parties and politicians have ordered their followers to boycott The Kilkenny Journal. There are even alternative facebook sites put up to "silence McGrath" .

Editor McGrath has fought a battle with the NUJ over their Abortion on Demand policy for Ireland since 1979 . He even appeared in the High Court in 1981 assisting a former colleague blacked by the NUJ for being pro-life and they won against the Union ( Quirke V NUJ 1981, McWilliam J ). However his close friends include local photographers and journalists while as former Workers party councillor declares that, "It's impossible to categorise McGrath as he veers across the centre of the road from extreme left to extreme right depending on the issue".

Today the Kilkenny Journal takes a strong line against mass immigration. The online paper is, however, totally independent of all political parties and is genuinely independent. It is probably the most outspoken publication in Ireland, or anywhere. Michael McGrath himself says that he hates all the political parties but not the individual politicians of those parties.

Michael McGrath was a journalist on The Kilkenny Journal newspaper, The Munster Express and The Kilkenny Standard and as a press photographer has had numerous photographs published as well. Thus The Kilkenny journal online is excellent for its photography too.
It's ideal for Kilkenny people abroad to keep up with all the news and events back home. Outside of his online journalism Michael McGrath is fifty years a professional photographer.
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