1. mneylon

    Instagram Have You Switched To A "business Profile"?

    Just curious how many of you have switched your Instagram over to being a "business" account.. (You can read more about them here) I switched the company account over a while back and the "insights" are quite interesting, though I'm not 100% sure how useful any of the other options are..
  2. mneylon

    Instagram Very Random Comments?

    Is anyone seeing a lot of incredibly random comments on images recently? I posted a really boring photo yesterday and have had multiple comments from accounts I've never interacted with. it's really bizarre
  3. mneylon

    Instagram Embeds Now Working

    Linking to an instagram post should now embed it correctly. See below for example:
  4. mneylon

    Instagram How Many Hashtags Is Optimal?

    I've seen some Instagram users adding very large numbers of hashtags to their posts, which seems a bit spammy. But based on my own completely unscientific experiments adding a few hashtags to a post definitely drives more engagement. So how many hashtags should I use?
  5. mneylon

    Have You Switched From Snapchat To Instagram Stories?

    With the introduction of "stories" for Instagram some people are moving away from SnapChat Are you?