1. mneylon

    Facebook Fixing Broken Link Previews On Facebook

    If you share your content on Twitter or Facebook sometimes you might find that the "rich media" stuff doesn't display properly. Here's how to fix it Fixing and Debugging Rich Media Sharing on Facebook and Twitter
  2. mneylon

    Facebook Instant Articles With Wordpress?

    I've been trying to setup Facebook Instant Articles (Instant Articles | Facebook ) with Wordpress and I keep hitting a brick wall. The "official" plugin is completely unforgiving when it comes to post formatting and so it throws errors on a lot of the articles I post. The blog I'm trying to set...
  3. mneylon

    Facebook Signup Issues

    A couple of people have reported issues signing up / creating an account using Facebook. If you do run into issues signing up with Facebook can you please take a screenshot of the error message you get? You can signup using email or twitter without any issues At the moment I'm still trying to...
  4. mneylon

    Share Your Facebook Page

    If you have a Facebook page for your blog please share the link below. NB: this is for your Facebook page NOT your personal profile
  5. mneylon

    Some Basics About The Site

    Welcome to the latest iteration of irishblogs.com The site is running XenForo, which is a modern forum software package. You can link your Facebook or Twitter account to your profile to save time logging in If you're already using gravatar you can use you avatar here as well.