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    How To Move Your Blog To A New Domain..

    How to Move your Blog to a New Domain Name - A Step-by-Step Guide
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    Irish Advertising Standards Authority Weighs In On Bloggers + Influencers

    This was published January 27th 2017: ASAI – Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland » Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland calls on bloggers and influencers to fully declare marketing communications Key points: If it's paid post / tweet / instagram post etc., you need to use a...
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    Does Blogging Pay? (rosemary Mccabe)

    Interesting article from Irish blogger and journalist Rosemary McCabe on how she makes money from blogging: Does blogging pay? Earning a living by creating content online
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    Business Blogging - Some Handy Tips

    Interesting article with some tips on the types of blog posts for B2B marketing via content The 6 Highest Performing B2B Blog Post Formats [Infographic]
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    Advertising Offers Without Followup?

    I doubt I'm the only person getting these, but the volume of them has become quite annoying. I keep getting emails that follow this sort of formula: Subject line "advertising" or "advertising on your site" If I'm really lucky they'll mention the domain name in the email or subject line, but...
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    Share Your Latest Blog Post

    Want to share your latest blog post? Feel free to reply to this thread
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    Tbex Europe Coming To Ireland

    TBEX Europe will be held in Ireland again this year. This time round they've chosen Killarney. For now there's very little detail on their site: TBEX Europe 2017 - Killarney, Ireland The last time they were in Ireland was back in 2013 when they held the event in Dublin. If you're a travel...
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    Plugin For Live Blogging?

    Any recommendations for plugins for Wordpress for "live blogging"?
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    Uk Blog Awards

    Nominations are currently open for the 2017 UK Blog Awards Full details on their site: UK Blog Awards It's open to bloggers in Northern Ireland both personal and business: ENTRY DETAILS & TERMS The key dates are: Entries and Nominations: 3rd October - 15th November 2016 Public Vote: 5th...
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    "pop Up" Blogs

    Short, yet interesting read on what they're calling "pop up" blogs: We Need More Tech Pop-Up Blogs
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    Why Your Business Needs A Blog

    Short and to the point: Why Your Business Needs to Blog
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    How Do You Market Your Blog?

    How do you market your blog? How do you get traffic and readers?
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    If you're looking for tips and tricks from somebody who has been blogging professionally for years AND making a nice living from it, Darren Rowse's blog is an excellent starting point: ProBlogger Blog Tips - The Blog
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    Share Your Tips And Tricks

    Know of any good tips or tricks with blogging? Or have you written a useful post on the subject? Why not share your knowledge? :)