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  1. mneylon

    Here are the Details of the Top Cleaning Gadgets and Cleaners in Ireland

    Huh? If you want to link to a blog post fine, but this post makes no sense.
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    Share Your Latest Blog Post

    I also tried a couple of longer cooks A Couple of Long(ish) and Slow Experiments With the BBQ
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    Share Your Latest Blog Post

    I've been experimenting with my new barbecue First Experiments With the Weber Kettle Grill
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    Share Your Latest Blog Post

    The forecast is a bit mixed. I don't think we'll get any rain, but apparently the really warm weather might not be around for much longer.
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    Share Your Latest Blog Post

    I chose a barbecue and am having lots of fun learning to use it Barbecue Acquired!
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    Share Your Latest Blog Post

    With the weather improving I'm trying to find a barbecue Trying to Choose a Barbecue
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    Free Stuff to Keep you Busy

    I've been posting about freebies both downloads and things like free concerts over on Free Things in Ireland - Free Stuff to Keep you amused For example the recent one is about free games, though Windows only :(
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    New Post -

    Strange times we live in ..
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    Which service (if any) do you use for storing photos?

    I've been using Flickr for well over a decade and have literally thousands of photos on my account. The reason I've stuck with Flickr is that there always were plenty of options for integrating with other services. But what are other people using? Or do you simply upload images directly to...
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    Which tools do you use?

    Thanks - that looks like it might be handy
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    Any Bloggers on Remote Working?

    Does anyone know of any good Irish or UK blogs about remote working? There's a lot of US based ones, but when they're doing lists of things to buy etc., they tend to be very US focussed.
  12. mneylon

    Yucatán Trip

    I've only posted one entry so far, but I' have several more in the pipeline about a trip to the Yucatán area in Mexico
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    Which tools do you use?

    I've never heard of "preview". Is that paid or free?
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    Social Sharing Plugin For Wordpress?

    it works pretty well from what I recall. Depending on which theme you're using some of them have builtin basic social sharing which you can enable
  15. mneylon - An Irish Blogging Platform

    There's no indication of who is running the site anywhere on it and if it's Irish based why does the privacy policy, which is far from complete, only refer to US law?
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    Tik Tok?

    Anybody using it?
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    New Post -

    I blogged about the upgrades on my house which included solar for hot water Getting Most of my Hot Water From Solar Energy Panels
  18. mneylon

    How to Promote a WordPress Blog

    Why isn't it using its own domain name? You're relying on, which might be ok up to a point, but as insurance is a regulated industry you could end up having headaches. You also won't have as much control over the technical SEO as you don't have access to any of the configuration...
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    Article: Making money from your blog

    Worth a read: