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  1. mneylon

    Free Stuff to Keep you Busy

    I've been posting about freebies both downloads and things like free concerts over on Free Things in Ireland - Free Stuff to Keep you amused For example the recent one is about free games, though Windows only :(
  2. mneylon

    Which service (if any) do you use for storing photos?

    I've been using Flickr for well over a decade and have literally thousands of photos on my account. The reason I've stuck with Flickr is that there always were plenty of options for integrating with other services. But what are other people using? Or do you simply upload images directly to...
  3. mneylon

    Any Bloggers on Remote Working?

    Does anyone know of any good Irish or UK blogs about remote working? There's a lot of US based ones, but when they're doing lists of things to buy etc., they tend to be very US focussed.
  4. mneylon

    Yucatán Trip

    I've only posted one entry so far, but I' have several more in the pipeline about a trip to the Yucatán area in Mexico
  5. mneylon

    Tik Tok?

    Anybody using it?
  6. mneylon

    Article: Making money from your blog

    Worth a read:
  7. mneylon

    A rather geeky brexit meme
  8. mneylon

    Irish Affiliate Programs?

    If you know of any Irish companies offering affiliate programs that might be suited to bloggers please let us know. Some might be on affiliate networks like TradeDoubler,, WebGains or one of the other networks. Michele
  9. mneylon

    Which tools do you use?

    Which tools / apps do you use for managing your social media? Which ones do you like / dislike? Are you paying for them or relying on free services?
  10. mneylon

    Making Serious Money With Your Blog

    Interesting read, though I doubt many of us could make that kind of money from a "side project" 5 Proven Ways To Build A Profitable Blog That Generates $50,000 Per Month In 2019
  11. mneylon

    Chapter One Review

    Had dinner there recently so I had to write about it :)
  12. mneylon

    Low Carb Baking

    I've been getting over my fear of baking bread
  13. mneylon

    Low Carb Bread + Poached Eggs

    I missed poached eggs, but not anymore :)
  14. mneylon

    Reminder: Disable Google+ Sharing

    With Google+ shutting down you'll no longer be able to share content to the social network However a lot of the sharing plugins / services that many of us are using on our blogs would have Google+ options and they aren't disabled automatically ..
  15. mneylon

    Annual Irish Awards that Feature Blogs

    There are several awards every year that are either focussed on blogs or where bloggers (both business and personal) can enter: Home - Blog Awards Ireland If you know of any others please let us know
  16. mneylon

    Craft Beers in Japan

    I got to try some very nice craft beers while I was in Japan:
  17. mneylon

    Promote Your Latest Blog Post

    Please start a new thread for each of your new blog posts - at the moment there's one very big long thread, which is probably becoming a little unwieldy - though if people want to keep using it feel free.
  18. mneylon

    Google Plus Shutdown

    As you probably know Google+ is being shutdown at the beginning of April: There's still time to export your content before then
  19. mneylon

    Events for Irish Bloggers

    Know of an event for Irish bloggers? If you do please let us know It could be a conference, a simple get together or a training session
  20. mneylon

    What features / things do you want?

    This is an open discussion What would you like to see this site do for you? What features would you find useful?