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  1. mneylon

    Chapter One Review

    Had dinner there recently so I had to write about it :)
  2. mneylon

    Strange Google Analytics reports

    Message me if you get access to the logs
  3. mneylon

    A test thread

    Working fine .. (I know what this is about, so happy to reply)
  4. mneylon

    Strange Google Analytics reports

    Have you got access to the raw logs?
  5. mneylon

    Low Carb Baking

    I've been getting over my fear of baking bread
  6. mneylon

    How to Promote a WordPress Blog

    Where is the blog? Without being able to see it and evaluate the content it's hard to make any actionable / useful suggestions
  7. mneylon

    Low Carb Bread + Poached Eggs

    I missed poached eggs, but not anymore :)
  8. mneylon

    My latest post

    I think I had a Samsung at some point years and years ago
  9. mneylon

    Reminder: Disable Google+ Sharing

    With Google+ shutting down you'll no longer be able to share content to the social network However a lot of the sharing plugins / services that many of us are using on our blogs would have Google+ options and they aren't disabled automatically ..
  10. mneylon

    My latest post

    We look forward to the sequel :) What phone *were* you using??
  11. mneylon

    Craft Beers in Japan

    Well I can assure you that the Japanese rice beer was real beer and pretty good too :)
  12. mneylon

    Craft Beers in Japan

    Does that even qualify as a beer? :P
  13. mneylon

    Annual Irish Awards that Feature Blogs

    There are several awards every year that are either focussed on blogs or where bloggers (both business and personal) can enter: Home - Blog Awards Ireland If you know of any others please let us know
  14. mneylon

    Craft Beers in Japan

    I got to try some very nice craft beers while I was in Japan:
  15. mneylon

    Share Your Facebook Page

    My main Facebook page for my personal blog is here:
  16. mneylon

    Promote Your Latest Blog Post

    Please start a new thread for each of your new blog posts - at the moment there's one very big long thread, which is probably becoming a little unwieldy - though if people want to keep using it feel free.
  17. mneylon

    Adding Adsense To Amp?

    I've since found a couple of plugins that seem to do the job: Your mileage may vary of course
  18. mneylon

    What features / things do you want?

    Well it's there, but maybe it wasn't prominent enough? Do I need to simply email users to let them know or should I do a post explaining what's where?
  19. mneylon

    What features / things do you want?

    I'll have a think about that. At the moment it's a single thread, which is probably far from optimal because you have to either go page by page and read all the posts or jump to the last post. Would it work better if people created a new thread with their latest blog post? Something else?