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  1. mneylon

    Tik Tok?

    Anybody using it?
  2. mneylon

    New Post -

    I blogged about the upgrades on my house which included solar for hot water Getting Most of my Hot Water From Solar Energy Panels
  3. mneylon

    How to Promote a WordPress Blog

    Why isn't it using its own domain name? You're relying on, which might be ok up to a point, but as insurance is a regulated industry you could end up having headaches. You also won't have as much control over the technical SEO as you don't have access to any of the configuration...
  4. mneylon

    Article: Making money from your blog

    Worth a read:
  5. mneylon

    Irish Affiliate Programs?

    If your site has the right kind of audience it can do well. It doesn't necessarily need "huge" traffic if it's the "right" traffic
  6. mneylon

    A rather geeky brexit meme
  7. mneylon

    Irish Affiliate Programs?

    Blacknight offers an affiliate program Blacknight - Affiliate Programme (disclosure: it's my company)
  8. mneylon

    Irish Affiliate Programs?

    If you know of any Irish companies offering affiliate programs that might be suited to bloggers please let us know. Some might be on affiliate networks like TradeDoubler,, WebGains or one of the other networks. Michele
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    New Post -

    They drive me crazy :)
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    New Post -

    Sorry about the spammer - he's been nuked and all his posts removed
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    Which tools do you use?

    Which tools / apps do you use for managing your social media? Which ones do you like / dislike? Are you paying for them or relying on free services?
  12. mneylon

    Making Serious Money With Your Blog

    Interesting read, though I doubt many of us could make that kind of money from a "side project" 5 Proven Ways To Build A Profitable Blog That Generates $50,000 Per Month In 2019
  13. mneylon

    Affiliate Marketing

    Sure What do you blog about? How much traffic / audience do you have?
  14. mneylon

    Chapter One Review

    Had dinner there recently so I had to write about it :)
  15. mneylon

    Strange Google Analytics reports

    Message me if you get access to the logs
  16. mneylon

    A test thread

    Working fine .. (I know what this is about, so happy to reply)
  17. mneylon

    Strange Google Analytics reports

    Have you got access to the raw logs?
  18. mneylon

    Low Carb Baking

    I've been getting over my fear of baking bread
  19. mneylon

    How to Promote a WordPress Blog

    Where is the blog? Without being able to see it and evaluate the content it's hard to make any actionable / useful suggestions