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    Making Serious Money With Your Blog

    Interesting read, though I doubt many of us could make that kind of money from a "side project" 5 Proven Ways To Build A Profitable Blog That Generates $50,000 Per Month In 2019
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    Affiliate Marketing

    Sure What do you blog about? How much traffic / audience do you have?
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    Chapter One Review

    Had dinner there recently so I had to write about it :)
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    Strange Google Analytics reports

    Message me if you get access to the logs
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    A test thread

    Working fine .. (I know what this is about, so happy to reply)
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    Strange Google Analytics reports

    Have you got access to the raw logs?
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    Low Carb Baking

    I've been getting over my fear of baking bread
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    How to Promote a WordPress Blog

    Where is the blog? Without being able to see it and evaluate the content it's hard to make any actionable / useful suggestions
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    Low Carb Bread + Poached Eggs

    I missed poached eggs, but not anymore :)
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    My latest post

    I think I had a Samsung at some point years and years ago
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    Reminder: Disable Google+ Sharing

    With Google+ shutting down you'll no longer be able to share content to the social network However a lot of the sharing plugins / services that many of us are using on our blogs would have Google+ options and they aren't disabled automatically ..
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    My latest post

    We look forward to the sequel :) What phone *were* you using??
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    Craft Beers in Japan

    Well I can assure you that the Japanese rice beer was real beer and pretty good too :)
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    Craft Beers in Japan

    Does that even qualify as a beer? :P